About us

We develop and publish „games for family and friends“. Our focus is on innovative ideas, high game value, environmentally sound manufacture with short distances, above-average product quality and ecological materials.

MADE IN GERMANY – our products are exclusively produced in Germany!

Johann Rüttinger (owner/graphic designer) has been in touch with games for a very long time and experienced the „German game miracle“ at first hand. In 1994 he founded DREI MAGIER SPIELE together with Kathi Kappler (owner/publisher). In this publishing house they worked closely together with Alexander Randolph (game author) and Rolf Vogt (illustrator) and celebrated some great successes like „Piggyback Brigade“, „Spooky Stairs“, “Magicians’ Night“ and „Bug Bluff“.

In 2008 DREI MAGIER SPIELE was sold to Schmidt Spiele, Berlin, for health issues. In the same year, Johann Rüttinger & Kathi Kappler and Rolf Vogt founded DREI HASEN IN DER ABENDSONNE, in the beginning to publish children’s books.

In 2012 Johann Rüttinger & Kathi Kappler decided to make games again and presented their first works at the SPIEL in October 2012.

Their children Lena Kappler (graphics/editing/sales) and Paul Kappler (graphics/photographing/storage) also work in the family business, which is located in an old water mill, both in their professions as well as in all other departments where they are needed.

All together we want to bring beautiful and good games on the market, which are so valuable for the development of children and are so much fun in the family and with friends!

Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne